BME 315: Biomechanics
Taught by Dr. Christa Wille
This course will provide an introduction to the mechanical behavior of biological tissues and systems. Specific topics include: structure and function of biological tissues, mechanical properties of biological tissues, and analysis of specific tissues (i.e. bone, muscle, and soft connective tissues).

ME 340: Introduction to Dynamic Systems
Taught by Dr. Thelen
Mathematical modeling and analysis of dynamic systems with mechanical, thermal, and fluid elements. Topics: time domain solutions, analog computer simulation, linearization techniques, block diagram representation, numerical methods and frequency domain solutions.

ME/BME 415: Biomechanics of Movement
Taught by Dr. Christa Wille, Dr. Ana Ebrahimi, Dr. Stephanie Cone, Dr. Darryl Thelen
An overview of experimental and modeling techniques used to study human movement. Specific topics will include locomotion, motion capture systems, force plates, muscle mechanics, musculoskeletal modeling, three dimensional kinematics, inverse dynamics, forward dynamic simulation and imaging based biomechanics. Demonstrations, homework and laboratory activities will be conducted that emphasize applications of movement biomechanics in orthopedics and rehabilitation. The course will culminate in a class project related to each student's research interests.

PHY THER 627: Tissue Mechanics & Adaptations
Taught by Dr. Heiderscheit

PHY THER 628: Neuromuscular Mechanics and Control
Taught by Dr. Heiderscheit

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