UW Mechanical Engineering UW Engineering Campus
The Department of Mechanical Engineering is located on the south side of campus, next to the historic Camp Randall Stadium. The building underwent major renovations in 2006, resulting in well-equipped modern facilities for research and teaching. 
• Active Motion Capture System (Optotrak Certus)
• Embedded 6D Bertec Forceplate
• Back Projected Virtual Reality System
• Research Grade Ultrasound (Ultrasonix SonixTouch)
• MRI compatible musculoskeletal loading devices
• MTS Criterion 43, 10 kN Capacity (MTS Systems Corp.)
• 2D and 3D Load Cells, Digital Goniometers
• Differential Electrodes for Wired and Wireless EMG analysis
• Three Dimensional Laser Scanner
• 3D Printer
Software: MATLAB, Cortex, Visual3D, Motion Analysis Orthotrak, LabVIEW, MIMICS, Geomagic, FEBio, ABAQUS, Meshlab, Paraview, Slicer3D, SIMM, OpenSim, Adobe Suite, ImageJ, Microsoft Kinect, Microsoft Office
UW Health Research Park Clinic UW Health Research Park Clinic
The motion capture laboratory is located at the Research Park Clinic in combination with UW Sport and Spine Medicine and Physical Therapy.  This provides an ideal environment for conducting clinically oriented research, as well as participation in patient care through the UW Runners' Clinic .
• Eight Camera Passive Motion Capture System (Motion Analysis Corporation, Santa Rosa, CA)
• Three embedded force plates (AMTI BP400600, Watertown, MA)
• Split-belt instrumented treadmill (Bertec Corporation)
• High Speed Treadmill (up to 30 mph)
• Research Grade Ultrasound (Ultrasonix SonixTouch)
Badger Athletic Performance Badger Athletic Performance Center
The performance testing space for varsity athletes at UW is located in the McClain Athletic Facility. Athletes are tested multiple times a year and this space affords athletes convenient testing and facilitates communication between the athletes, coaches, athletic staff, and performance testing staff to maximize athletic performance and enhance the rehabilitation process.
• Bilateral Jump Forceplates (Leonardo Mechanography, Germany)
• Lunar iDXA Scanner (GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI)
• Star Excursion Balance Test Platform and Forceplate
• System 4 Dynamometer (Biodex Medical Systems, Shirley, NY)
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR)
Imaging equipment is located at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research . Here the members of UWNMBL have access to ultrasonic and magnetic resonance imaging equipment, as well as clinical rooms for human subject testing.
• Servohydraulic mechanical test system (Bionix 858)
• Aixplorer Ultrasound Machine (Supersonic Imagine, France)
• MRI compatible rotary encoder (Micronor, Newbury Park, CA)
Access to: 3.0T MR Scanner (GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI)
Email to: Darryl Thelen