Evaluation of Non-uniform Muscle-Tendon Mechanics using Quantitative Ultrasound

Ultrasound Elastography Quick Facts:

Project Dates: August 2009 - Present
Funding Agencies: NIH F31, ASB, ISB
Current NMBL Personnel:
Dr. Laura Slane, Alex Ehlers
Dr. Darryl Thelen
External Collaborators:
Ken Lee, MD, UW Hospitals and Clinics
Publications from this work:
J Biomech - 2012
Phys Meas - 2013
J Biomech - 2014
Conference Proceedings:
ASB 2010 - Providence, RI
ASME SBC 2011 - Farmington, PA
ASB 2011 - Long Beach, CA
CMBBE 2012 - Berlin, Germany
ASB 2012 - Gainesville, FL
ACSM 2013 - Indianapolis, IN
ISB 2013 - Natal, Brazil

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the in vivo mechanical properties of musculoskeletal tissue. We have developed an elastography based technique that uses ultrasonic data to track tissue motion and measure regional strain distributions. Using this method, as well as other quantitative ultrasound techniques (e.g. Shear Wave Elastography), we are investigating the effects of loading and age on non-uniform muscle-tendon mechanics. (Back to Prior Research)

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