Electrical Stimulation to Determine Muscle Function in Gait

Muscle and Gait Quick Facts:

Project Dates: August 2009 - Present

Funding Agency: NIH

Current NMBL Personnel:
Carrie Francis, Rachel Lenhart, Darryl Thelen

External Collaborators:
Amy Lenz, University of Delaware
James McCarthy, MD, Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Publications from this work:
GCMAS 2011 - Washington, DC
ASB 2011 - Long Beach, CA
GCMAS 2012 - Grand Rapids, MI

The goal of this study is to use electrical stimulation to increase muscle activation during walking in order to determine contributions of specific muscles to gait kinetics and kinematics. We are currently focusing on the function of the triceps surae muscle group in the calf. This project will allow better understanding of muscle function in healthy adults and help to validate and/or correct computational models of human walking.
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